In a genius move from Ironhide Game Studios, their new update to the original Kingdom Rush comes full of features that will force fans back into the (let’s admit it), slightly stagnant Kingdom Rush universe. We’ll break down the full list here, and will go into much further detail in future posts:

Ulguk-Hai the Troll Warlord has united the Ha’Kraj trolls under one banner and is threatening the good citizens of Linirea! General, it’s time to take up arms again, pack your winter gear and head to the Glacial Heights to face the Ha’Kraj nation!

  • 2 new stages: Face the Ha’Kraj trolls at their home turf!
  • 3 new enemies: Challenge the mightiest trolls and their surprise tactics.
  • 2 new heroes: Shred them to pieces as Ingvar the Viking werebear of freeze their soulds with Eloras Wintersong magics.
  • New HARD MODE! Yes, for those looking for a challenge!
  • 5 new achivements!
  • News system to keep you updated on everything related to Kingdom Rush!
  • Minor bug fixes.

Kingdom Rush Banner

It’s impossible to say if the new characters will be leading us into the Kingdom Rush 2 storyline, or if they’re just a booster shot to remind us how awesome new enemies can be in this game. New heroes are always fun, and the new system to keep us updated on everything related to Kingdom Rush already exists (you’re there :D ), and is clearly a move on their part to alert everyone who owns the game when the Frontiers is available.

The greatest part of this update has to be the HARD MODE. This is the perfect excuse to go through all these stages again; to put our strategic knowledge and battle-hardened strategies to the test in one final push before we launch into Kingdom Rush 2. Then, as soon as we’ve honed our skills to a razor’s edge, when we think we’ve peaked in our power, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers will appear on the horizon. We will conquer new lands, make vicious enemies cower in fear, and create a utopia that stretches as far as maps exist. TO BATTLE!

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