Ironhide Game Studio made  a short video to appeal to Steam users to give them the greenlight to pursue a relationship with Steam, and in consequence, widen Kingdom Rush up to an incredibly huge audience of game lovers that may have never heard of it before (Steam has over 54 million active user accounts). Here’s the appeal:

Alvaro Azofra, a co-creator of Kingdom Rush, speaks throughout the video and promises some awesome stuff:

  • Re-building the game from the ground up
  • 50% more content and easter eggs, including a campaign called the “Curse of Castle Blackburn” (think zombies/werewolves)
  • Full HD

The great news? They’re greenlit! Ironhide Game Studio is now working with Steam to get this moving. The release date hasn’t been revealed yet, but this is a genius move. My guess? Ironhide is using this revamp to pull in a whole new audience from the first floor of Kingdom Rush. As soon as those players have made it through the entire classic game, BAM! Kingdom Rush: Frontiers will launch on Steam, iPad, and Google Play, and the audience tuned into it will be incredibly huge.

This is an incredible break for all of us, because this success means KingdomRush is going to be around for a hell of a long time, and we couldn’t be happier. Congratulations Ironhide!

Kingdom Rush Development Team

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  • onogut

    thank you forever…. ???
    ini game yang asyik dan seru bangeeet…>>>