Iron Hide Games has announced the official title of Kingdom Rush 2! Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. Just check out this fantastic teaser image they presented today (downloadable here):

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

There’s really nothing new in this graphic that we haven’t seen before in our breakdown of previous teasers (here and here). We have the same massive gorillas, necromancy mage towers and lightning powered mage towers, intimidating wasps, and the delightful scenery; tropic jungles, desert wastes, and rocky ruins.

A quote from the official Iron Hide Game Studio blog:

On the far lands of the Kingdom, a war is coming. An untamed frontier will be revealed and the future of the Kingdom will depend on your skills!

A new name, a new adventure!

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is coming this spring!!!

Stay tuned, stay prepared!

What separates this image from the rest is the sense of conclusion it brings. You can just tell the announcement is coming close. Kingdom Rush 2 will be announced any day now, and when it is, we’ll be there.

Stay tuned via Twitter and Facebook to be sure you’re one of the first to know. We’re keeping our ears to the ground.

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