Kingdom Rush 2

The official Ironhide Game Studio blog posted something yesterday that will make even the most iron-hided fanboy get goosebumps…

Kingdom Rush 2 is coming out this spring!

From the official site:

Cities tremble in fear… armies gather for battle… reinforcements cry for freedom… a new adventure is coming!!! It´s a new world… a new threat… a new journey into the unknown!!!

Bigger, meaner and better; a new Kingdom Rush game is coming…

Prepare yourselves!!!

They thoughtfully included a link to a full size HD wallpaper of their Kingdom Rush 2 teaser image. You can download it here: Kingdom Rush 2 HD wallpaper

The description provides just enough facts to get our minds rolling. We already know the name of the sequel is Kingdom Rush: The Next Adventure, from the previous photo released by Ironhide:

Kingdom Rush The Next Adventure

There’s not a ton to go on from just one screenshot and a teaser image, but we can figure out a lot. We can immediately tell that they kept their revolutionary reinforcement and meteor abilities, from the familiar images in the bottom left corner. The world will be drastically different… judging by the artwork, this means we’re moving out of the forests, swamps, and mountains, and into tropics, and possibly deserts and dunes. These new landscapes will be a fantastic change of pace. Download their high res image for a closer look.


Old Structures: Many of the structures look unchanged. There are clearly Marksmen Towers, Mage Towers, and Artillery.

New Structures: There appear to be several different mage towers (most likely different level 3 tower branches) including an evil-looking green Mage Tower at the top right, and a less ominous Mage Tower toward the top left. Since we can clearly see that the lower level Marksmen Towers look the same, one can only assume that the archers with crossbows in the middle are sitting in one branch of the Marksmen level 3 towers.

There is some kind of Dwarven contraption, which could possibly be an earth-shaking device, but there’s not much to go on. It’s likely that this unit is a high level Artillery tower. A building with a prominent shield and several with prominent swords may be high level Barracks branches that specialize in attack and defense (much like the previous Barbarians and Knights).

Lastly, and most intriguingly, there is a wooden building with a Jolly Roger hanging in front, which could mean poison, or pirates, and a tiki-styled building with glowing eyes that could very well be another level 3 Marksmen Tower branch.


Enemy Units: The majority of the enemy units seem to be easily-defeated tribesmen carrying short knives, along with mysterious orange-haired units with no discernible weapons (which usually means magic!), and a blue-haired unit that is clearly some sort of tribal mage.

There are some incredible large gorilla units, being led along by bananas on a string. From breathing tubes visible in the water, it also appears that certain units can appear anywhere along the water’s edge, adding a difficult twist to the level.

Allied Units: There are several sword-yielding units clustered around the buildings with prominent swords above the doors, making it pretty clear that they are some offshoot of the Barracks units from the first Kingdom Rush. There’s a typical unit with a helmet at the top of the screenshot, which implies that the reinforcements will be basically unchanged.

There is one mysterious unit wearing black, with a saber, that could be ally or enemy. It is standing directly below the building with a shield, however, so it’s possible it’s a special unit that can be purchased to aid your battle… or he could be the level 1 hero whose thumbnail is quite visible. Further images will reveal a lot, I’m sure.

We’ll keep you updated on the newest Kingdom Rush 2 release updates as we learn more, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook for the most up-to-date news and rumors. Hang in there!

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